Leadership Education and Analysis for Development and Security

"Building partnerships at the leading edge of the knowledge revolution for smart security and community resilience
through the curation of knowledge, action learning and connectivism."

The LEADS Institute Process

Building Partnerships through Shared Consciousness Leading to Empowered Execution

Knowledge Curation

Learning By
Cultivating Knowledge

Action Learning

Learning By


Learning By

What do we do?

  • The LEADS INSTITUTE has been established with the goal of “co-developing” cooperative learning experiences among international partners to make knowledge actionable so that our next generation of leaders is prepared to succeed in a complex world. It supports global resilience through the establishment of new partnerships, creating and networking together regional centers of excellence.

  • We have one mission: “To grow a network of people, ideas, and processes to make knowledge actionable.” LEADS is about networking and knowledge sharing, building new pathways toward holistic, cross-discipline and divergent thinking in addressing emerging threats and risks posed by globalization. In promoting resilience and co-developing sustainable solutions, we believe that “trust cannot be surged.”

  • In response, the LEADS INSTITUTE seeks to integrate – on a coalition and multinational basis – several essential components: knowledge-centric people; adaptive organizations and architectures; and, doctrine, standards, and networks to empower innovative learning and leader development for enhanced security cooperation on a global basis, with special attention to sustainable urbanization through “Smart Cities.”

  • Through innovative next-generation learning, the LEADS INSTITUTE empowers connectivity, information sharing, and fusion through a comprehensive approach, with client-centered, digitally-powered Training and Education in areas as: disaster preparedness and protection of critical infrastructure; border, maritime and cyber security; energy security; as well as curricula to address challenges posed by terrorism and hybrid warfare.

  • Our work is inspired by a wide array of theorists and practitioners. Most particularly we embrace the vision promoted by General Stanley McChrystal as laid out in the book, “Team of Teams – New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World.”

How do we do it?

  • We explore with each client the ways and means by which individuals, organizations, and nations can cooperate with each other based on the principles of inclusiveness, transparency, and self-differentiation.

  • Our long-term goal for each client is to establish a cooperative framework among its diverse stakeholders, who are involved at different levels and in different capacities, in the design and delivery of Training and Education, and to facilitate knowledge and experience-sharing to address the needs of the next generation of leaders.

  • Promising approaches to international security cooperation are examined and developed through simulations, gaming, exercises, and other forms of interaction, and thereby foster better coalition interoperability among nations and community resilience at the local level. Curricula, certificates, workshops, seminars and individual courses may be developed in specific client instances to address the complex challenges confronting leaders at every level of society in our global community.

The LEADS INSTITUTE is a subsidiary and trade name of Global Strategic Analysis, LLC, a California-based, forward-thinking professional services firm offering confidential analytic support and creative services to world-wide clients who seek to foster innovative solutions for a secure and sustainable world